How To Cancel an Order You Just Placed:

We ship orders within 24 hours of receiving them. Thus, it is critical to contact us immediately if you want to cancel or modify an order you just placed. Please send us an email at [email protected] with your name and the order number and the reasons / instructions on the order cancellation or modification.

NOTE: We cannot swap out items in an order once it is placed online. We can delete and refund the incorrect item and you can place an order for the correct item and then we can ship both orders in the same shipment. If you are requesting us to do this, please let us know in the email you send to [email protected]. If you need to change the shipping address on an order, please follow the above instructions and add in the new address.

How to Log in to Your Account:

To log into your account, simply go to My Account in the menu bar and enter the username and password. if you don’t know your username/password, use the email that you used when you placed your order, select Lost Your Password and follow the instructions. Once you are in your account, you can view all your orders and subscriptions, change addresses and payment methods, as well as update your password in your account settings.

How to Cancel, Suspend or Modify a Subscription:

There are two ways to get to your subscriptions:

First, you can log into your account and look to the left and click on Subscriptions. Then click on the subscription you want to modify.

Or, you can locate the email notification you received when you placed you order, or a renewal order was automatically placed based on the subscription settings. Look to the bottom of that email and find the subscription info. Click on the link to manage or cancel the subscription. Once you are in your subscription, you can click on the following buttons:

  • Cancel: This cancels the subscription
  • Suspend: This will put the subscription on hold until you are ready to reactivate it.
  • Change Address: If you move or want the subscription sent to a different address, make the changes here.
  • Change Payment: Update or edit credit card information here. Note: this only applies to THIS subscription. If you have multiple subscriptions , you will have to change the credit card information in each one.
  • Renew Now: If you want the subscription to renew before the next renewal date, click this button and it will renew and charge your CC on file.

Canceling a Subscription Renewal Order:

If you cancel a Subscription (see above) It WILL NOT automatically cancel the renewal order that was just placed. It only cancels future orders. Follow the directions in How to Cancel an Order You Just Placed if you need to cancel ANY order.

NOTE: for any changes to the subscription renewal period (ie; change from 2 months to 3 months), please contact us at our office: 615-767-2830  or [email protected]